6 Ways To Increase Website Page Loading Speed

Are you trying to figure out how to increase page loading speed? It can seem complicated if you’re not sure where to start. However it is much easier to improve website speed than you may believe. You just have to be willing to learn a few new things about websites! Whether you have WordPress or something else just follow these instructions for faster page loading time. And if you don’t feel like dealing with it contact us today and we can implement these optimizations at an affordable price.

What exactly defines page speed? 

A website’s page speed refers to how fast the content loads when someone clicks through to a page. It is different than overall website speed in that it represents the loading time of a specific page. Therefore each page may have different loading times. 

There are multiple factors that can affect page speed. For example 

  • Number of images and their sizes present.
  • Other media such as video and html content.
  • How many themes and plugins you have installed, are any of them unused or in conflict with another one?
  • Your website’s coding and server side script specifically for the page in question. 

Check your website speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

1. Image compression 

Are your images compressed? How large are the files? If your images are large and uncompressed they could be contributing to why your website is slow. There are countless free plugins that will compress your images to a reasonable size. You definitely want your images to be under 1 MB, in fact I like mine to be under 200 KB. Go to your dashboard and click on media. Investigate the size of your images. If they are on the larger side go upload an image compression plug-in and start optimizing their sizes. I prefer a plug-in called WP-optimize (if you have a WordPress website) because it also does cache, minification, and more. 

2. Lazy Load Images and Video

How to increase page loading speed with lazy load! What is lazy loading? This is the implementation of a tool that delays the loading of images and video in order to allow the page to load first. Lazy loading improves performance and saves system resources. For example, if a web page has a photo or video that the user has to scroll down to see, lazy load will display a placeholder and load the full image only when the user arrives scrolls down. This reduces initial load time by reducing page weight. 

3. Cache

How to improve website speed with a cache tool? Do you have a cache tool on your website? If you’re new to websites you probably don’t. And even if you do it may not be activated. 

What is a Cache? 

In a computing sense: it is hardware or software that is used to store something, usually data, temporarily. For example backups, logs, deleted information, irrelevant information, etc. These unnecessary files take up a lot of space and slow down your website. All you need is a simple tool to clear (delete) the cache and increase page loading speed. As mentioned earlier, the WP-optimize plug-in will help you compress your images and clear your cache. 

My Favorite Cache Plugins For WordPress 

  • 1. WP Optimize 

This is the plug in I use on all my websites. That’s because not only does it cache it also minifies files and caches the minifies files! It also 

cleans your database, and compresses your images – saving you the need to use separate plugins for those features. The only downside is that the lazy-load features isn’t free so you either have to upgrade to premium or use separate plug-in for lazy load. I like to save money where I can do I do the later.

  • 2. Bluehost Cache 

Do you use Bluehost? I do, and they are one of the largest hosting platforms available. If you do use their hosting plan you should know they actually provide a built-in caching system that you can enable from your hosting dashboard. This saves you from having to even use a plug-in! Just log into your dashboard, choose “My Sites” then click “performance.” Then simply turn on your cache. 

4. Use a CDN

What is a CDN? How to increase page loading speed with a CDN? CDN stands for content delivery network and it refers to a geographically distributed group of servers. They work together to provide a fast delivery of Internet content. CDNs provide the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content such as HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. The majority of quality web traffic is served through CDNs today. For example: traffic from major sites like Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon.

CDNs are free to use, for example you can make an account with Cloudflare. 

5. Minify JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code 

This is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from JavaScript HTML and CSS source code without altering its functionality. For example this includes the removal of whitespace, comments, and semicolons. Also  the use of shorter variable names and functions. Minification of these codes results in compact file size.

How to improve website speed With minification if I can’t code? Do not worry you don’t have to know how to code! There’s a plug-in for this too, in fact my earlier recommendation of using WP-optimize will minify your code! 

6. Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

If all else fails you can always upgrade your hosting plan. Do you need to upgrade your hosting plan? Most companies need to upgrade their website when they have a significant increase in traffic and/or there is too much content and not enough space. These two factors can cause your website to have issues specifically they can slow it down quite a bit. 

Like most people starting out you likely chose a shared hosting plan. I sure did! Shared hosting has many benefits but when your website grows it starts becoming too much for the server to handle. It can crash, freeze, and cause many other problems that will frustrate your readers.

It might be time for you to upgrade to a virtual private server (VPS). Check out your hosting plans upgrades to see the different prices. 



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