Start A Food Blog In 5 Steps 

Do you like to cook and make up recipes? Even if you’re not a professional chef food blogging can be for you. I started my food blog 6 years ago within the vegan niche category and I’m so glad I did! Whether you’re searching for a creative outlet or wanting to start a successful business from home – you can be successful in the recipe food website. It’s going to take hard work so if you’re passionate and can be consistent stick around and learn how to start a food blog with these step-by-step instructions.

What Defines a Food Blog?

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A food or recipe blog creates content and articles that readers will find interesting about various topics such as: original recipes, how-to articles about food (such as the best flour replacement for gluten free baking) or kitchen product reviews. You can also write health articles such as “The Top Protein Sources For Vegetarians” – things like this. In order to begin all you need is a reputable website host, platform, a creative domain, and a few topic ideas. You will also need some photos whether you take them yourself or use stock images. 

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4 Types of Food Blogs

These are the top 4 profitable food site niches:

  • 1. Location-Travel: A travel or location based food blog dines at various restaurants, different types of cuisine, and recipes and reviews them. You can go to local restaurants or other cities, states, and more. 
  • 2. Recipe Blogs- do you like to cook and can take a decent picture? People like realistic and easy home cooked recipes that they feel like they can cook too! I started my first recipe blog with less than $200 and my iPhone 6. You can share your recipes on Pinterest and Facebook groups as soon as you launch. Recipe blog posts should include information such as ingredient lists, step-by-step instructions for making specific dishes, and original food photos.
  • 3. Health Food And Nutrition- are you a health nut? Maybe you love raw vegan food or high protein recipes for body building or yoga. These types of posts could include titles such as “Easy Green Smoothie For Post Work Out” or “20 Plant Based Recipes For Yogis.” You could even take it further and promote certain protein powders or supplements. 
  • 4. How-To/Tutorial- Are you really good at being detail oriented? Maybe you could teach people certain food related techniques. For example “10 Tips For Super Soft Cookies” or “The Best Tips For Making Homemade Pasta” 
  • 5. Cuisine-Niche-  This type of blog focuses on one particular food from a specific area or a specific diet. For example of regional: soul food, French cuisine, African Food, Authentic Italian.  Examples of specific diet: keto/ low carb, vegan/ plant based, gluten free, etc. Some food blogs are so niche specific they ONLY talk about ice cream or cakes. And Google actually loves that!

Follow These Easy Steps

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How To Start Your Food Blog

Whether you’re a first time blogger or experienced you can start a food blog by following this step-by-step guide:

  1. Pick your food niche. Decide what specific food topic interests you most and will be the easiest for you to create content for! Is it restaurant reviews, easy family recipes, food hacks, southern cookin’ etc. 
  2. Name your brand! The reason you need to do this before actually creating content is because your brand name will also be your domain name. Check to see if your domain name is available and if it’s not you’ll have to come up with a second choice and so on.  For example the name of my recipe blog is Anyreasonvegans because it’s all vegan recipes and the name kind of rhymes and I thought that was cute lol. 
  3. Create your website. Once you have chosen your domain it’s time to start your website. Pick a reliable web hosting or blogging platform. There are many free and paid hosting platforms, however if you plan on ever hosting ads you will need a paid plan. 
  4. Create some awesome posts. You will want 10-20 posts before you launch and start promoting your new blog. Enhance your posts with Search Engine Optimization like keyword research. You will also want pretty food photography. 
  5. Start promoting. Add social share buttons and a newsletter. Join Facebook groups and create your own brand page. They have some great plugins to help you share straight from your posts. Pinterest is a great platform for food bloggers also. 

If you need some affordable SEO services or ready made original content check out the links bellow. 

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